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lipo maassage mld ldm massage fibrosis seroma in Lagos Nigeria

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, and that 1 step could be the hardest but a lot is not known about the laser liposuction or lipo abdominoplastia lipo journey generally, especially by The same People going into Surgery.

For years we have been doing researches while we faced the most difficult seroma and #fibrosis and various post lipo challenges and we crossed all, however we have been discrete with our media and, will continue to be discrete so Folks can have a chance yes to be less bothered by a judgmental number of People.

We still have media evidence to show from celebrities and even foreigners but this link will help us share some of our findings
From the effect of bio oil and its similarities to snake oil in particularly the great changes it makes in softening #scar tissue our Super Therapist Austin documents some of his post in this link and various others click http://massagemehomeservices.com/category/lymph-mld-ldm/

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We would love to answer your questions and research deeper


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