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Prostitution has flooded the massage industry

its not just home service massage within the major cities like Abuja port harcourt Ibadan and, Lagos, the Spas around me, and these cities aren’t left out, few blocks from our mmhs massage me training center there are spas boldly advertising sexual services in massage, so we don’t like to dwell on the problem like Late Mother Theresa said talk to me about Solutions and, not problems ( It went something like that, can’t really say the quote exactly how she said it but you get the point)

How to Cope with Prostitution (Massage Therapist Perspective)

First every massage Therapist should know that there is no short cut to success and, sexualising yourself means the Client will always have to look for new fun, you must build your clientele with people who need professional massage and, not feel good time

You could also work for agencies that give you the freedom not to be involved in sexual practices, do the agencies that make you do crazy stuff don’t retain therapist as their clients are built on ” the next new girl”

How to Cope with Prostitution (Client’s Looking for massage Perspective)

Yes to the Good Clients trying to get a massage a professional massage, you just need to ask ” what massage do you offer?” and the truth comes out, you could be more direct ” please don’t be offended by this question do you offer any sort of sexual service before or after massage?”

Listen to the therapist and request direct answers and, you find 90% of the time professional therapist who aren’t prostituting will begin to get irritated by the whole idea of sexual fantasy in massage

Some Therapist manage their emotions well not to show it, basically you just need to ask direct questions.

And to the Prostitute and Gigolos in Nigeria massage service within MMHS MASSAGE ME AND OUTSIDE OUR COMPANY we hope you realize their is enough space in the sky for all birds to fly, if you want to bee thee bat then so be it.

however within mmhsmassageme.com we will relieve therapist who are trash thats what you do with trash, you have to toss the trash out when you are done.

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