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stretching and, massage when you are above 30 years vi lagos

Around VI Lagos we had clients requesting for thigh yoga massage, it was due to body aches, but thigh was majorly meant for posture corrections, the side benefits aren’t to be confused as the main benefit, during the conversation we picked up there was very little physical exercise by the Client

We want you to know that here MMHS Home Service Massage Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and, Ibadan

You can always have a stretching session before a massage session (with essential warm oil for the skin, and a improved ambiance with candle lights, music, petals, and aromatherapy)

stretching and, massage when you are above 30 years

why is it important to stretch? we can approach it with how stem cells within our tissues do not rejuvenate as compared to when we were under 25 years of age, and we can keep getting more biological in respect to the body’s anatomy but that is not necessary we will ask you some basic questions and, you will see for yourself the need to take a stretching session or request one

Question 1

Are you still as flexible as when you were much younger ?

Question 2

when you slept longer hours did you experience body aches like you do now that you are over 30?

Question 3

your movement are you as free and, as swift like when you were under 30 years?

Stretching DOES help in improving sleep, but posture as the main benefit, and helping your movement generally.

Stretching in your everyday life when you wake up, etc as often is a plus.

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