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There is a full body massage inspired by ldm, and there is a ldm for lipo lagos abuja

Ladies &, Gentlemen there is a full body massage inspired by the ldm channels of the body,  and there is ldm for post lipo surgery, maybe perhaps it’s google images that confuses these Amateur Therapist, even a manual lymphatic drainage massage is confused by these Amateurs to be swedish, so we have to keep preaching There is a full body massage inspired by ldm, and there is a ldm for lipo

Anyone can have ldm massage with swedish to reduce the toxins in the body as a matter of fact everyone should, but when you have lipo sunction surgery is best to get the massage done by a Professional Therapist whose major or key skills is post lipo ldm massage.

we writing about  this because there was a Lady who couldn’t get Our Masseur to do the LDM we asked her to go back to The Hospital she had surgery done, (most hospitals that do plastic surgery also have Nurses who also function as Therapist  to administer ldm massage), she refused and called some massage company who do home service, A Guy came and, was just all over her body doing a very very wrong ldm for every day people instead of a post lipo ldm massage.

By the time the guy was done with his rubbish not a single fluid came out of her body, She called MMHS Masseur and, he insisted They find some one from the hospital (sadly our Masseur wasn’t available).

If you are reading this and, you have been a victim please advice your friends and, families to treat post lipo recovery as a serious issue because if it isn’t handled properly you will have yourself to blame.

for info on how you can contribute to your recovery journey from lipo sunction please click here

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