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why i chose full body massage home service or spa in Lagos doesn’t matter i pick a full body i want the complete treatment.¬† I choose full body massage every time because it’s clear to me that my entire body is worked on minus my sexual part which is pretty understandable,

Right now just my legs feel tired still i will choose a full body massage, as a matter of fact i have already sorted out the arrangements am just finishing some paper work, though my legs are tired, that’s why i need a massage, but i realize during a full body massage you get to realize how tired some other parts of your body are that’s another reason why i chose full body massage in the past and, now.

Also am selective of The Type of Masseuse that works on me, i appreciate masseuse that have good Swedish, deep tissue and, relaxation massage experience they make better full body massage Therapist.

why i chose full body massage

why i chose full body massage check the benefits of Full Body Massage includes but not limited to

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1. Reduces muscular pain and spasms

2. Reduces chronic pain of injuries

3. Reduces the effect of surgery.

4. Increases flexibility.

5. Improves posture.

6. Relieves Stress

7. Improves immune system function.

8. Relieves tension headaches and migraine pain.

9. Improves digestion.

10. Reduces fatigue.

11. Increases blood and lymph circulation.

and the list goes on I can find 100 benefits including emotional benefits like connection, comfort, good vibes, improves self confidence

but for me like i said, as long as the Therapist is great at Swedish and, deep tissue you can be sure for quality full body massage, a duration of 1 hour is great for a full body massage i think 90 minutes is super these are the reasons why i chose full body massage and, still do.

why i chose full body massage
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