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How a relaxation massage might fit People in Abuja, not lagos ibadan or portharcourt
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How we cancel massage bookings in Ikeja, Ikoyi across Lagos, Abuja, port-harcourt and, Ibadan., here is how.


Let’s just quickly break this down we have to cancel bookings with violent inquiries or bookings where the Supposed Client seems to throw tantrums usually at the booking officer because of the therapist who visit these Clients.

Home Service massage is like flying blind, we could give details of the therapist, share the therapist link to their profiles,  etc but we can only ask for name and address from the clients (discretion is key, we don’t even save clients names against their numbers, we save numbers with codes)

Though we noticed some clients might be a little rude every now and then it’s OK when you having a bad day, but if it isn’t about a bad day take for instance the Therapist needs help finding an address and, the client is super upset by this, we will usually move the Supposed Client’s emotions towards cancelling the booking to prevent any chance of further violence or harsh treatment.

Today we got an address that lead to a closed hotel building in Allen Ikeja Lagos, but the Therapist was requested to be at GRA Ikeja, when the client spoke with the Booking manager on phone. While we tried to get the front desk phone number from the client so we could call the client kept throwing tantrums, usually we have to cancel. But we don’t cancel we ride on that emotion till the client does the cancelling, it’s pretty simple safety first.

Do you disagree with our canceling methods, tell us what you think comment or write us back on our booking line on WhatsApp 2347036761574 mmhsmassageme.com


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