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We are pretty sure a lot of folks in lagos abuja are leaving with ignorable (in some cases) deformities especially stiff butt or hard butts after liposuction. you were probably told after a month the fat will settle in & you will just be fine.

Fat does settle but the body is made out of cells are working together, everything about your is tissue and you can improve on it through massages but not just any massages but massages that make your butt soft and giggle (can I add wiggle am feeling like snoop dog now)

What am trying to say is their are massages that improves your lipo not just body sculpting massage am talking about body sifting massages

I remember when Mercy was on the big brother twerking there was so much talk and quiz about her ass not feeling at al real or responding to her motions, if there is a talk about it at all that means it’s worth considering

Now am not much for talks but there shouldn’t even be a quiz if your butt is still hard after 2 months then this massage with a couples of session let’s say 5 to 6 sessions is just perfect for you to bounce around feeling 💯

💯 natural

💯 wiggle

💯 giggle

💯 butt softness

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